Readings and video for Mar. 26: The Bender Group Guest Speaker/ Instagram vs. Snapchat/ Live Tweeting due

We will have our guest speaker(s) from The Bender Group — social media expert, Hayden Hammerling.  (Possibly Stacey Bender, too).  Please research him and The Bender Group, and write a blog post about the company.  You should include the fact that he is coming to speak to our social media class at Seton Hall on March 26 at 5:30 in NU 105, and that anyone in Journalism and PR is invited.  You should also tweet about The Bender Group coming to speak at least three times before the event.

Here is your reading for class on Mar. 26.  In addition, please watch the following YouTube video:  Instagram vs. Snapchat by Neil Patel.  Please write a short blog post by the beginning of class on Mar. 26.

Rihanna hits Snapchat where it hurst

Live Tweeting Assignment due; some possibly presented in class.


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