Readings for Apr. 2: Media pitching and Press Releases/ Social Media Task 9: Social media press release/ Instagram slideshow due

Here are your readings for class on Apr. 2.  Please post your blog post by the beginning of class.

Traditional Press Release — Out — Online News Releases are IN

How to Write a Social Media Press Release

Questions to discuss: How have news releases changed in recent years? What are keywords and why are they crucial in crafting effective releases?  What are effective strategies for reaching and pitching journalists:  How do releases on social media differ from traditional releases?  What are some mistakes to avoid when writing a social media release?

Instagram Slideshow due: some presentations in class.

Social Media Task 9:  Writing a Social Media Press Release

This assignment is due on Apr. 9.  Please post your release on your blog when you are finished writing it.  Be sure to identify your release as a class project.

Description:  You will apply the skills you have learned and the tools you have used this semester to craft a Social Media Press Release.

Explanation:  Select either a campus organization or a local organization or business that has news worth publicizing.  You are their public relations representative.  The news should be recent (within the past few months or coming up in the next few months.)  The news may be an event, announcement, anniversary, opening, or other milestone, campaign, product launch, etc.

Part 1:  In-class assignment:  Research events that are going on at Seton Hall or South Orange on FB, Twitter, Instagram,  Snapchat, or another platform for the subject of your social media press release.  Tell me your idea before you leave class.

Part 2:  Write a social media release publicizing the news.  It is due on Apr. 9.

Length:  The body of the release should be at least 350 words.  The release should also include:  Contact information, a headline and possibly a secondary headline; a lead/summary; body; pullet-point facts; multimedia links; keywords.

It should also include at least one image (either original photos that you shot or images downloaded from the organization’s website or social media accounts) and/or a link to a YouTube video.  Take advantage of the range of features of the social media release.

Information:  Do some research to write the release.  Make sure all the information is accurate.  You can interview someone to get quotes, or you can quote yourself as the public relations representative for the client.  Do not write the release in the first person (I, ours, we) — use the third person.

Style and Format:  Portray your client in a favorable light, but don’t exaggerate.  Assume you’re writing for a general audience that might not be very familiar with your client.  Make the headline informative and “tweetable,” and search engine optimized.  Use keywords in the headline and body.

Keep paragraphs short and succinct.  Pay attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation and AP style.

Post your release to your blog and tweet about it at least twice.  Feel free to use other social media platforms to publicize your news, or post your press release.  (Be sure to identify it as a class project since it will go out to the public and you’re not really the PR representative for the client.)

Grading:  This assignment is worth 20 points.

Social Media Critique Assignment due April 23.  See posted assignment guidelines.


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