Readings and Blog Post for Mar. 19: Photo and Video Sharing/ Social Media Task 8: Instagram slideshow

Please read Chapters 5 & 6 in Briggs and write about them for your Mar. 19 blog post.  Please be prepared to discuss the readings and your blog post in class.

Qustions to think about:  What makes Instagram unique?  What makes Pinterest unique?  What benefits do social media channels like Instagram offer to photojournalists?  To professional photographers?  To brands?  What fears to professional photographers have about platforms like Instagram?  How can photo and video sharing social media platforms be used as tools in public relations.

Home Work:  Social Media Task 8:  Instagram Slideshow/ Due on April 2.

Assignment Overview:

  • Work in teams of two.
  • Decide on an interesting topic or a brand to write about.  It doesn’t have to be Seton Hall related.  It can be political, or have something to do with entertainment, or sports — any topic or any brand you want to choose.  You are to measure public opinion on campus on that topic or brand.
  • Write three questions you will ask all of your participants about the topic or brand you chose.
  • Interview at least four students on Instagram video.  (Four total — so two each).
  • Create a slideshow with your video — each video can only be 60 seconds or less.
  • Write a caption that summarizes how your participants felt about your topic or brand.
  • Try your best to find four interesting views on the topic, which may mean you need to interview more than four people.  (So ask their views on the topic before you shoot the video.)

Conduct Your Interviews

  • Tell your participants you will be posting their responses on Instagram.
  • Identify the fact that you are participating in a class assignment.
  • Ask each person being interviewed to identify themselves (first and last name, class year, and where they’re from.)
  • Ask each person the same three questions.

How to Make an Instagram Slideshow:  

How to Post a Slideshow with Videos

Grading:  This assignment is worth 20 points.

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