Mar. 5: Blog Post Assignment for Reuters Guest Speakers/ Live Tweeting assigned

Your blog post assignment for March 5 is to write about our Reuters guest speakers.

Research Reuters news service, where our guest speakers Gina Cherelus and Barbara Goldberg are national correspondents.  They will be speaking about how Reuters NY uses social media to report news, how they use a Twitter board, and more.  Your blog post should include the fact that they are speaking to our class on Mar. 5 at 5:00 pm in Room 105 in Nursing.

Please write five good questions to ask them after their talk.  You will lose 5 points from your blog points if you do not come to class with these five questions.

You should also tweet about them coming to speak and mention that it’s open to all journalism, PR, and communications majors at SHU.  Be sure to tweet about it at least three times before the event.  Don’t forget to use the class hashtag — #social3422.

Second Half of Class:  We will discuss Live Tweeting an event and go over your Live Tweeting assignment.  The Live Tweeting assignment is due on March 26.



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