Social Media Task 7 assigned Feb. 26 — Live Tweeting an Event

This assignment is due before class on Mar. 19, so you have two weeks to complete it.

Description:  This challenge requires you to live-tweet an event to your followers.

Explanation:  Find an event that is suitable for live tweeting.  Lectures, speeches, and public forums work particularly well.  Routine meetings, workshops, and performances do not work very well.  Check the SHU calendar on the website to find upcoming events on campus.  You might also choose an event that is not related to school that takes place either in South Orange, or your hometown, or anywhere else.  That’s fine, but you may not live-tweet an event in which you are an active participant.

If you can’t find an event on or off campus to attend, you may live-tweet a televised event.  However, this should be a last resort and you will automatically lose 2 points for not live-tweeting an event in person.  (See “Grading” below.)  If you live-tweet a televised event, it should be a competitive reality show or a televised sports event or awards show.  You may NOT live-tweet a scripted comedy or drama series or movie.

You are responsible to check that you are allowed to live-tweet your selected event.

Use the Twitter account you created for class to live-tweet.  Make sure to follow the advice for live-tweeting discussed in class, including the following:

— Select an appropriate hashtag and use it in every tweet.  Also use our class hashtag — #social3422.

— Send out at least one tweet before the event to announce that you will be live-tweeting that event.

— There is no set number of tweets (but 4 or 5 is probably too few.)  Generally, the longer the event, the more tweets.  Post enough tweets to give people a clear sense of the event and its highlights.  The tweets serve as a narrative of the event.  Don’t omit important information.  Tweets should be spread out throughout the event.

— Write in the third person.  (Do not use the words I/me/my.)  Include your observation, not your personal opinion.  The focus must be on the live event, not on you.  Show, don’t tell.

— Each tweet should “stand alone” as best as possible.  Tweets should make sense to people who aren’t attending the event.  You are their eyes and ears.  If people “had to be there” to understand your tweets, then the live-tweeting wasn’t helpful.

— Accuracy is crucial.   Do not make any factual errors.  If you do, fix them by sending out a new tweet.

— Use appropriate attribution, including Twitter handles where appropriate.

— Use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

— Include at least one photo and/or video.  This photo can be in your original tweet announcing that you will be live-tweeting the event, or during the event.

Submitting the assignment:  When you are finished live-tweeting the event, send me a DM on Twitter with the name of the event, the time it started, and the hashtag you used in your tweets.  The DM must be sent prior to the beginning of class on Mar. 19.

Grading:  This assignment is worth 20 points.  It will be broken down as follows:

Readability/organization (5 points):  Is the stream of live tweets informative and easy to understand?  Are the tweets organized well to create a strong narrative?  Is attribution used appropriately to make it clear who is being quoted or paraphrased?

Reporting (5 points):  Is the stream of tweets complete and accurate?  Does it reflect good news judgement?  Is every tweet relevant?

Tone and presentation (5 points):  Is the tone of the tweets professional and engaging?  Are hashtags used appropriately and consistently?  Was there at least one tweet in advance announcing that you would be live tweeting?  Is there at least one photo?

Mechanics (5 points):  Do the tweets use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation?

There will be an automatic 2-point deduction if you live-tweeted a televised event rather than an event in person.





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