Social Media Task 6 for Feb. 26: Building a Network with Twitter Lists

This assignment is due on Feb. 26.


For this assignment, you will begin to build a social media network by following at least 40 new accounts on your class Twitter and creating at least 4 lists to organize them.


Follow at least 40 new accounts on Twitter, including:

— @Bollshu and all of your classmates — if you’re not already.

These should include:

—  At least 10 more Seton Hall accounts than you’re not already following, including Seton Hall student media accounts — WSOU and The Setonian.  This must be the main account, not the account of an individual student.

— At least 10 non-Seton Hall news organizations.  TV stations’ news divisions or news shows, wire services, newspapers, magazines, or online news sites.

— At least 10 Twitter accounts related to public relations, advertising, journalism, social media, and/or digital media.  It’s fine if a few of these are individual journalists or PR professionals (especially if they are journalists or PR pros who are social media “stars”), but several of them should be the accounts of organizations, bloggers, or individuals who write about the journalism, PR, advertising, social media and digital media industries.  If you need inspiration, a Google search will turn up several “journalism/PR accounts that students should follow” types of lists.

You can also go to and search for journalism, PR, social media and digital media. When you find a post that looks interesting, click on the profile of the person who posted it, if other posts from that person seem interesting, you can follow that person.  You can also see who that person is following and decide if you want to follow any of them, if they have something to do with journalism, PR, social media and digital journalism.

All of this helps to get people to follow you.  Usually when you follow someone, that person will follow you back.  The best way to build a network is by posting good content and promoting people you follow.  The more good you put out there, usually the more you receive.

— You can also follow other people who don’t fit into any of the above categories — but those are in addition to the 40 followers for this assignment.

Create at least 4 lists:

Organize each of the Twitter accounts you’re following into public lists

— Create a public Twitter list of our class, and add me and all of your classmates to that list.

— Create three more public Twitter lists of the categories named above, and add followers to each one.

— If you get stuck, there are tons of articles online that provide instructions for creating Twitter lists.  You can also go to: Wired: How to set up Twitter lists.



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