Readings for Feb. 19: Microblogging — Twitter/ Social Media Task 5, Part 2

Here are the readings we will be discussing in class on Feb. 19.  Please write your blog post offering your opinion and analysis on the articles.  The post should be at least 400 words and should contain artwork.

Twitter for Public Relations: Fact and Fantasy


Briggs, Chapter 2 – Microblogging, pages 54-62, pages 79-85

Twitter Isn’t the Voice of the People, and Media Shouldn’t Pretend It Is

The Columbia Journalism Review

10 Ways Twitter is Valuable to Journalists

The Buttry Diary

Should Journalists be using Twitter

The Columbia Journalism Review

Questions to consider:  How has Twitter become an invaluable tool for some journalists?  Do all journalists need a presence on Twitter?  What are some innovative ways to attract followers and build an audience?  How can Public Relations practitioners incorporate the use of Twitter into campaigns?  How can one guard against sharing facts and information that are not verified?


Social Media Task 5/ Part 2:  Writing the blog post for the Scavenger Hunt:

— Due at the end of class on Feb. 19; to be presented to class on Feb. 26.

Create a blog post from the results of your scavenger hunt that contains the following items:

  1. All 10 of your tweets in order of the items listed under “Topics for the Tweets” on Feb. 12.  Embed the tweets within your blog post.  You must follow the instructions located here for embedding tweets within a blog post.  If you follow the instructions correctly, your tweets should look like actual tweets in the blog post.
  2. The top five tweets from other teams (in your opinion).
  3. At least one response you sent to another team.
  4. Introductory and explanatory text within the blog post to make it clear what’s what.
  5. brief reflection on the scavenger hunt.  What were the highlights or challenges of this assignment?

See entire assignment description on Feb. 12.




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